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"A Nature Observer′s Scrapbook"

What is it?

This is the page where I initially grouped the things that I hadn't been able to positively identify. Fortunately, with the help of knowledgeable contacts, I have been able to put names to most of my images and the unidentifiable ones are hardly worth loading to the web. So, for the time being, this page will lie dormant until I make a find that defies the experts and I can call for world wide assistance. Clicking on a thumbnail of these old uncertainties will generally reveal a larger image.

Square-spot Rustic moth larva

Caterpillar ?
    ...... of the Square-spot Rustic moth!

This caterpillar was found just below soil level on the root system of grasses and red dead-nettles, Lamium purpureum. It was not at all active, very sluggish. Overall length about 25mm.

Click image to enlarge.

After 18 months, it has now been identified as the larva of the Square-spot Rustic moth.

17.04.2004Found at soil level on roots of grasses and Lamium purpureum. TF 305 659

Looper caterpillar?

Looper caterpillar ?
    ...... of the Shoulder Stripe moth ?

This skinny little stick insect found on new garden rose growth was barely 25mm long.

It possessed only one pair of prolegs close to its claspers - or would that be classed as two pairs of claspers?

After much deliberation, and advice, this has now been tentatively promoted as the larva of the Shoulder stripe moth on Moths page 2.

Click image to enlarge.

23.05.2004Found on new growth of a climbing garden rose. TF 305 659

Unknown Moth

Unknown moth?

This very distinctive day flying moth was found frequenting a Hawthorn hedge. Seen here on a nettle leaf tip.

After two years of doubt and indecision this has been positively identified as the Micro Moth, Isotrias rectifasciana and can be linked to here at the MicroMoths b page.

04.06.2004Day flying, seen here at 18.00hrs. TF 305 660

Brown Beetle?

Brown Beetle?

Small beetle. About 6 or 7mm overall length.

Depending on how the light falls on it, it can appear matt brown or have a glistening sheen. Seems quite common. Several on this tree.

'First thought was that this 'might' be Lagria hirta. Size was about right. Colour and antennae seemed to be about right. But, having now found L. hirta (see entry on the Beetles page ) with its black thorax and head - this is not it!

Click image for enlargement and second image.

But, all things come to he who waits. I have had it suggested that the beetle is a 'Leaf Beetle' and probably, .................... Galerucella lineola, which is common on willows in Lincolnshire. It has now been transferred to the Beetles page under "Willow Leaf Beetle".

30.05.2004Found on Kilmarnock Willow. TF 305 662

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